GGI Staff

Amanda Wright

Executive Director

Amanda began her career in clinical research in 1998, working as a Clinical Research Coordinator within the PMG Research organization and since that time has served in various roles across the site enterprise including leadership roles in operations, patient engagement, business development and marketing. Early in her career Amanda established the first formal patient recruitment team within the PMG Research network, and currently leads a team responsible for the centralized strategies and support of integrated feasibility, patient engagement and communications for the network.

In addition to a passion for patient engagement, Amanda has dedicated a great deal of her time to forging mutually valuable strategic partnerships. These partnerships are novel within the industry, and include executive-level decision makers across stakeholders. Building consensus while creatively collaborating with a diverse range of contributors is essential to adapting to the changing landscape, while never losing sight of the importance of keeping patients at the forefront of innovation and collaboration.

Amanda has been involved with Greater Gift since its inception in 2010, and is an advocate for building awareness and participation with Greater Gift throughout industry constituents. In 2013, Amanda assumed the role of Executive Director for Greater Gift, and since that time, she has led program development and expansion to include more than 30 industry partners. Her vision is to continue partnership growth through expansion and diversification of the existing program platform.  

In addition to Greater Gift, Amanda serves on numerous boards and committees throughout the industry, many of which are centered around the engagement of patients and enhancement of the clinical trial process to address current industry trends.